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Food Crisis Management Event

Event Information

Food Crisis Management Event

 ESSA, in conjunction with Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, are organising a free public event on food crisis management on 2 September 2020 in Brussels. 

The online event will analyse former as well as hypothetical food crisis situations, the lessons learnt from them and best crisis response approaches.  


Please note that the event will take place online. Further instructions on how to join the event will be provided to the participants at a later stage.


Why food crisis management?

Despite the European Union having the strictest regulatory framework in place, food crises still occur and could occur in the future (either due to mismanagement or unexpected risks, such as new pathogens) and good management of such crises is key to protecting consumers and agri-food sectors Europe-wide.

The objective of the event is to provide a platform for agri-associations, food business operators, European Commission
officials, representatives of EU national authorities and other stakeholders to gain knowledge through interaction and dialogue on how to respond to European food crises.


The beginning of better collaboration

The insights gained from this event will create a starting point for further development structures and coordination within private companies and sectorial associations. ESSA’s and Freshfel Europe’s long-term vision is to foster cooperation between stakeholders to better manage potential future crises in the agri-food sector



Participants to the Food Crisis Management Event will include:

  • Stakeholders directly involved in the management of food crisis situations
  • National authorities
  • European Commission officials
  • Academia
  • Business operators directly involved in food production and trade
  • National agri-food associations
  • International associations
  • Crisis management consultants



Members of ESSA

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