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ESSA presidency

About ESSA

ESSA presidency

ESSA is led by a Board of very well-experienced European sprouted seeds producers who take decisions by consensus in the interest of the entire ESSA membership. The ESSA Board is composed of four members: President, Vice-President and two Board Members. All Board members are elected for a mandate period of two years, which is renewable once by the General Assembly.

The current Board was elected by the General Assembly which took place in Brussels (Belgium) in October 2023.

The composition of the current Board:

  • President: Koen van Kessel, Evers Specials (Netherlands)
  • Vice-President: François Bonduelle, Wostin (France)
  • Board Member/Treasurer: Samuli Laurikainen, Silmusalaatti (Finland)
  • Board Member: Wim Bouden, Kiem-X (Belgium)

The Presidency regularly reviews and discusses pending issues for the European sprouted seeds sector, and endeavors to find solutions in cooperation with the sector and public institutions.

Members of ESSA

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