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How to become member

ESSA - European Sprouted Seeds Association

How to become a member

To become a member of ESSA, please contact the secretariat if you are interested in joining ESSA.

    Contribution criterium Annual fee
Entity involved in sprouted seeds production/trade A With a turnover ≥ 5 million EURO 1.980 EURO
B With a turnover ≥ 1million EURO till 5 million EURO 620 EURO
C With turnover ≥ 500.000 EURO till 1 million EURO 370 EURO
D With a turnover ≤ 500.000 EURO 250 EURO
Supplier/service provider or entity established outside Europe E 1.980 EURO
Seed supplier                        F 1.980 EURO


Members of ESSA

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