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Food Crisis Management Event Sponsors & Organisers

Food Crisis Management Event

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The European Sprouted Seed Association

The European Sprouted Seeds Association (ESSA) brings together European producers of sprouted seeds and traders of seeds for sprouting. ESSA promotes the interests of the European sprouted seed growers, provides a forum to discuss issues affecting the European sprouted seeds sector and gives opportunities to discuss common issues. ESSA was created after the EHEC crisis in 2011 with the goal to facilitate exchange on food safety practices and the implementation of new EU rules for the sector.


The European Fresh Produce Association

Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, is the forum for the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain in Europe and beyond. It is the single representative association of the sector at EU level. Freshfel Europe is a membership association, where its members and associated members are national associations, organisations and companies with an interest in the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector. Freshfel Europe’s members are from across Europe and along the whole supply chain from producers to wholesalers, traders, logistics and retailers.

Our Sponsor


Evers Specials is the largest mung bean sprout specialist in Europe. Based in the Netherlands, Evers Specials delivers mung bean sprouts to retail, industry and food service across Europe. Evers Specials was one of the co-founders of ESSA after the 2011 EHEC crisis. The assurance of maximum food safety and the development of the sector is an integral part of Evers Specials’ business operations and strategy. Since effective crisis management throughout the European fruit and vegetables sector is key to its development, sponsoring this event is a perfect fit for the company.

Members of ESSA

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